Cheryl L. Morgan



Some of my story...

     This website simply pulls together some background and interests to provide an overview of my professional services and skills.   As I progress through graduate education coursework, I endeavor to continually deepen my knowledge and skills. Here you will find some of the areas of interest I am pursuing, having developed an integrated perspective of health and wellbeing.

     The theme of trees in the photos selected here have a purpose. Throughout my life, I have  always had an affinity for trees. They calm me and center my thoughts.  Walking among them or resting in thier shade brings me peace and clarity.  By chance, I learned of my tendency to seek thier company when stress or pain disturbs my journey. Friends and mentors have provided these gifts  along my path as well.

      I believe seeking knowledge to better our lives is key to experiencing life to the fullest.  An amazing woman and nurse exemplified this philosophy with her humor, integrity and grace. Our patients gained much more than improved health under  her care. She reminded us that knowledge creates the foundation that can withstand the greatest winds and droughts in life - like the oak tree.  Our library was dedicated in memory to her with the words  she chose to live by, encouraging everyone by her example to "grow deep - not tall". 

     As I continue to learn and share - this simple approach becomes as equally important as a lifestyle. Advancing with my education deepens my 'roots'  while working with clients keeps my skills sharp and provides valuable opportunity to share experience and exponentially increase the benefits for all.