Nurse, Educator & Contracted Services

Private  practice management is a complicated and rewarding process.  The business of health care often oppposes our best  intentions. Successful  oversight supports 'best practice' models,  coordinate care and  optimizes results for clients and your clinical team.

Functional & Integrative Therapy

Consulting Services

                Educator            Clinical Instructor & Tutor

Professional training is provided for clinical implementation of new programs for practices or clinics interested in expanding knowledge or service and specialities to their clientele.  Please contact  for details.

Private tutoring or small classes are available for subjects including basic life & health sciences, biology, microbiology. Nursing and allied health courses such as anatomy, physiology, assessment, pathophysiology, nutrition and pharmacology.

Clinical Management



 Cheryl L. Morgan


Nutritional consulting & integrative care using a systems-oriented approach in a therapeutic partnership with clients and thier primary care providers to promote optimal functioning and well-being. By referral /appointment only.